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If you have not registered to attend, please do so now by clicking above. We as a Transport industry are able to make change and, as Barack Obama says "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.  We are the change that we seek".

The Trafinz conference is now only weeks away. As a Transport industry we face exciting challenges including travel efficiency and travel reliability, productivity to meet the new Government Policy Statement. This conference is intended to challenge our business as usual outcomes and assist us with national and international experts providing their experience on how is Transport really going to contribute to economic growth and how do we contribute to the national urban design protocol?

The road safety 2020 strategy discussion document has been released and what does this mean? How do we integrate road policing and crime prevention, we rely heavily on our policing partners, engineering does not do it alone. Do we really appreciate the education initiatives that provide support to engineering measures to achieve change in behaviour? Trafinz has worked hard to ensure that you receive value for money. This is not only a conference, but also intends to provide us with practical learning opportunities to assist us all in creating great outcomes for the future. A strategic, but practical learning opportunity not to be missed

New and exciting announcements for the conference are

  • In addition to the Ministers presentation on Wednesday morning, the Associate MOT the Honourable Nathan Guy will present the NZ Safety Awards and the Trafinz Leadership Awards at the 'black tie' dinner on Monday the 7th – click here for more information on the event.
  • The new subdivision development engineering standards will be released by NZTA to the industry as we redevelop our cities and transport form into integrated land use through self explaining roads concepts
  • An international presentation on the use of mobile phones to obtain real, non survey influenced, travel time trends during peak and non-peak periods and can also provide Origin-Destination data.
  • A key to safe sustainable transportation is working with humans . Learn from AA's Jayne Gales what users perceive
  • Illegal Street racing Mark Fleming will cover NZ Police work on understanding the reasons and interventions need to create a positive and sustainable, safety and society
Since the late 1990's we have had Serious Crash Units, within the NZ Police this presentation will demonstrate what happens when we as an industry get it wrong.


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Trafinz 2009 will explore transport in New Zealand from 2040 to now, and what steps we need to take along the way to achieve these outcomes. 

We look at where we are headed as a transport industry and ask, “How will we make the changes needed – is this a gradual evolution or do we need a dramatic revolution to achieve the outcomes?

It is a great opportunity for politicians, traffic engineers, transport planners, urban designers, enforcement and education practitioners alike - to explore the challenges and the opportunities.

Planned workshops will empower participants to come up with practical approaches to meet the challenges transport, land use and planning.

We will look at engineering, education and enforcement opportunities and at what the industry needs to do to positively influence the future.

Attending is your first step in transport’s next giant leap and qualifies for IPENZ CPD points! Following the conference there will be a full professional development for SASTA members.

Trafinz Awards

The Trafinz awards have been developed to recognise those organisations, individuals or communities that have made an outstanding contribution and have demonstrated leadership in transportation safety and sustainability in NZ.  The winners of these awards will be announced at the Conference Dinner.

Click here to download the information on how to submit an entry to the awards.







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