68 Years of Achievement

TRAFINZ has a 68-year record of achievement. One of New Zealand’s older local authority based organisations, it began life as the New Zealand Traffic Institute, to represent those councils with their own departments for the enforcement of both traffic and parking regulations.

As the responsibilities of local authorities have changed, so the organisation’s focus changed from general traffic enforcement, to a wider interest in pursuing all aspects of road safety. In more recent years this focus had broadened to also encompass traffic management in general, roading reform, effective community involvement, environmental issues, parking and transport planning.

Today TRAFINZ works under an agreed protocol with Local Government New Zealand with a clear brief to make a significant difference in terms of government policy and regulation.

What is Trafinz doing?

Informing our members and sharing information through networking, regular workshops on current issues, annual conference and this website.

Working with MOT on the implementation of "Safer Journeys".

Assisting with the development of protocols for Red Light Camera sites

Represented on national Speed Management Working Group, national Cycling Working Group etc

What has Trafinz done?

2013 TRAFINZ BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT REPORT Click here to view the report

Presented submissions to Select Committee in February 2014 supporting lower blood alcohol limits for drivers and suggesting other new initiatives

Investigated and trialled red-light camera technology in Auckland with AT leading to the July 2013 government approval of use nationally

Promoted changes to the right hand rule which were implemented in March 2012

Developed position papers on and promoted changes to parking fines and presented a submission to Select Committee which led to the first increase in 12 years

Promoted giving local authorities the power to enforce certain mobile traffic offences especially illegal use of bus lanes

Developed guidelines in 2001 for the safe design on pedestrian facilities, particularly in the context of street improvement projects

Investigated and promoted changes in driver licensing legislation, and supported the changes such as the new photo driver license