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The New Zealand Local Authority Traffic Institute or Trafinz represents local authority views on road safety and traffic management in New Zealand. It exists to lobby the government, to influence decision making on road safety and traffic issues. It also acts as a forum for collectively pursuing traffic issues of interest to local authorities, and for sharing information and advice.

The Trafinz Annual Conference is New Zealand’s premier forum for representatives from the traffic engineering, road safety and transportation planning community.  It is intended to stimulate debate and collaboration amongst peers who are working in the transportation arena with an interest in road safety, sustainability and traffic management.

This year's conference is expected to be the largest for some time with the location being Auckland.  In addition with the general election just a week later, there is likely to be strong interest from the politicians to discuss transport issues, particulary pertaining to safety.This will be an ideal opportunity to network, share and learn new ideas across this diverse discipline.

Transport connections for Liveable Communities

The conference will focus on multimodal travel and land use integration in the NZ context. It highlights the need within the transport industry to deliver a wider, longer term context within transportation, and to understand the wider effects of transport on communities. The intention is to challenge the industry to provide managed and planned transport systems that are more efficient and safer, ensuring human mistakes don’t result in fatalities or serious injuries. 

The presentations, workshops and networking at the conference will enable participants to share knowledge, research and experience on safety, personal security, promoting human health, facilitating community prosperity and the integration of community environments with the transport system to meet the global needs of the environment.

Connecting liveable environments through safe and efficient management of vehicular traffic, public transport and active modes within our communities is the responsibility of all of us, and this conference will enable these transportation conversations and the ‘great innovations’ of tomorrow to be developed. It is anticipated that there will be an audience of between 200 – 300 people at this event.